In the cognitive era businesses are starting to connect and develop more rapidly. At the same time, millions of threats are also creeping in from several sources and closing businesses just as fast.

NJE has been providing client counseling and real property consultations since 2007.  Today NJE does intellectual property portfolio management, prosecuting  patent applications, and legal representation on behalf of our clients. We provide legal advice in all fields of technology, including: mechanical, computer science, electrical, software, business method, chemical, biotechnology, medical devices, plant, and design patents.
At NJE we use foresight and contingency to outthink potential threats and promote our business. We maintain connections and continuously learn how to stay ahead of hidden threats that seek to destroy your business.When you have a "hot" idea or product that needs protection and an international market, we help reduce lost in sales. When you are doing business with NJE you you with be able to see your inventory maintain its size. Because when NJE thinks we outhink out-of-stock.