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Interrupting Your Genes

Several years ago when I was applying to colleges, one of the essays an applicant could write about was what super power the applicant would want. Sounds like a silly, generic essay topic, right? Well, that was the essay topic I chose that got me admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

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Solution to Loud Snoring

It’s late, readers, and I’m tired. It’s been a long night and quite frankly I can use some sleep. You know the feeling. However, there is something that obstructs my path to a peaceful night’s rest: Snoring.

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Patent BurgerCake

It’s Monday and you have made it through a long summer day. Good for you. You deserve a treat, perhaps a burger. Well, this must be no ordinary burger, because as my reader you are exceptional and a deserve secret burger; you deserve a special burger. However, this is a celebration and you should be… Read more »