NE IPBank is a collection of patents and the innovative products developed from them. Our mission: to inform, educate, entertain and promote intellectual property.

I will admit, as funny as some of these patents and products are, someone at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) thought they were worthy of a patent. Patent practitioners and examiners spend a tremendous amount of time drafting and prosecuting these patents. Unfortunately, few of these patents (something like 3 percent) make it to market. People should know about these patents! So, both the practical side and the hilarious process some people may have gone through while developing these novel albeit far-fetched ideas will be discussed on this site.

The articles and comics on this site are an attempt to help others make sense out of an esoteric profession while still making it appealing an entertaining to those outside the intellectual property and science field. (Please read Disclaimers for further details).

Expect to see analysis and commentary of all types of intellectual property, i.e., patents, trademarks, and copyrights. What’s that? You are a busy person that dislikes reading for entertainment? That’s fine. You can expect to see comics too! Any other ways you would like to be entertained contact us.

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