In his quest to finally fulfill his New Year’s resolution local Ohio man Jerry Cream resorts to using anti-eating mask. “I am a sleep-eater, so every year that I set out to lose weight I always fall short of my goal” Cream says. Every morning, in an earnest attempt to meet his goal of losing 20 pounds, Jerry runs 5 miles. “I am really serious about losing the weight. I even switched to being a vegetarian, however, every time I make a little progress one day, I end up back at the same weight in the morning.”

But Why An Anti-Eating Mask?

Cream struggles to lose weight as a result of Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder or sleep-eating. “I found out I had this disorder while recording myself sleeping at night” Cream told us. When asked what made him start recording himself he told us that he wanted to see how he managed to go to sleep on the left side of his bed and wind up on the right side. “Apparently, at night I would get out of my bed and leave the room. Next thing I notice I would arrive back in my room with with some kind of dessert, usually cake, I would eat it and then go to sleep on the right side of my bed” Cream explained.  Thankfully, he read about Inventor Lucy Barmby’s eating mask and he has been seeing progress in reaching his weight loss goal ever since.

How Did it Prevent Him From Eating?

“I would wake up in the morning and look at the tapes and I was simply amazed with how effective the mask is,” Cream extorted. “First, I went for a piece of chocolate cake, I love cake, the next thing I see, blocked. Then, I try to go for a block of cheese, nope, rejected. Finally, I reach for a cookie. The mask just obliterated it.” The mask is able to accomplish this incredible feat by conforming to the shape of Cream’s mouth and chin. Then, the cup shaped wire screen mask that covers the opening of his mouth prevents him from putting food into his mouth.

“The ability of this technology to finally help me accomplish my weight loss goal is amazing,” said Cream .

The Wrap Up

It has been over a week and I hope you all are still keeping up with your New Year goals. Cream told us that the habit of sleeping with an anti-eating mask on took some getting used to at first and now he is enjoying all the progress he has made sticking to it. Sometimes people need a mask to keep meet their weight-loss goals and others prefer the route of using sheer willpower. Regardless of your method, consistency is what’s important.


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Written by ipbanker