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It wasn’t long ago that cookies were an afternoon treat for a job well done. Whether you like to eat them alone, with a cup of tea, or with a glass of milk it’s still a highly desired delicacy. Unfortunately, there is one downside that kept cookies from becoming a diet staple for many years: aesthetics. You see, even if you care more about the taste, a cookie with bad taste and poor texture will lead you to wanting to avoid it entirely. During the art of making a cookie you get what is called fat bloom or sugar bloom (usually you get both). Bloom is a whitish coating that appears on top of cookies. Just imagine that white dusty coating carelessly engulfing a delectable treat. Gross. Well, you can thank James B. Taylor et. al for making Bloom Resistant Cookies.


James of Sparta with his allies developed a cookie that is bloom resistant and shelf-stable. Their difficult journey has lead them to designing a process for making the most aesthetically pleasing cookies you may ever make. This delicacy makes celebrating V-day a little more special and I encourage you to try sharing your cookies with as many people as possible.

How To Make Bloom Resistant Cookies

You begin making these cookies by forming the cookie dough. To make the cookie dough, mix flour, sugar, vegetable fat or shortening and flavoring to form your cookie dough. The cookie dough contains at least about 0.5% by weight cocoa butter. So if you have 500 grams of cookie dough, then 2.5 grams should be cocoa butter. The fat or shortening has a solid fat content of about 2.3% to about 21.6% by weight at about 70° F., a solid fat content of about o.2% to about 11.6% by weight at about 85° F, and an oleic fatty acid content. People commonly find oleic fatty acid in animal fat or the remains of dead bees; it is important you put more than half by weight of it in your fat or shortening for this recipe. How can you resist trying this recipe out?

The Wrap Up

So, there’s a way to get ride of the bloom, the strange white haze on cookies. I think we can all agree the white haze is the grossest thing about these cookies.

However, if this method is too tedious and you just want to have a treat, there’s only one thing you need to remember and keep in mind: chocolate chip cookies never bloom.


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