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I used to make pomegranate juice for Emily. Ah, she loved pomegranate juice. It is a great fruit; it is a fun fruit. However, to Emily, it was the fruit of her nightmares. You see, the thing about Emily is that she also had trypophobia–a fear of clusters of holes. She never actually cut open a pomegranate to see the clusters of succulent seeds and the holes it left behind. it’s strange, I never understood how she could navigate the internet today and never bump into a pomegranate image. She never could pin point the source of her fear. All she could ever tell me was that something about seeing things bunched up made her uncomfortable. I had no idea what she was talking about. Well, that was until I began looking at the cluster of gadgets on my desk.

The Solution

In a time of an Internet of Things (‘IoT), a wide variety of devices may exist. Each device may include different attributes, different capabilities, be located at different places, and so on. Without identifying common features and aspects of the many devices that make up an IoT, managing different electronic and wireless devices in the IoT may become difficult. That’s may be why those clever engineers at IBM patented a system to cluster devices and distinguish them.

How  to Cluster Devices?

This system automates the work of receiving a characteristic set for a device on a network and clustering devices based on attributes specified in the characteristic set. This allows a user to more easily control access and security restrictions for groups of devices, which are connected to an IoT network.

The Wrap Up

I think most people will enjoy the ability to cluster their devices and distinguish them. Unless, of course, you have some trypophobia on an abstract level.


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