SAN JACINTO, CA– It’s been a week since the January 21, 2017 Women’s March on Washington, however, no one has mentioned the protest of the San Jacinto Girl Scouts. It is as if it never happened. This alternative story accounts for the entrepreneurial SJ Girl Scouts that sought one thing: to reclaim their cookies. “Yes, we agree that we sold them the cookies and took their money, however, we have decided that they didn’t deserve to indulge in our delectable treats,” says Muriel Kidme, an Ambassador for the San Jacinto (SJ) Girl Scouts. “We enjoyed a first-class flight all the way here from Cali to peacefully let everyone know we deserve the right to sell our cookies and eat them too; we deserve the right to keep what we sell.”

Reclaiming anything is a difficult feat and to reclaim the opened packages of cookies the SJ girl scout’s already sold, they turned to US Patent 3,963,181 or Nabisco’s Food Reclaiming System (FRS).

The Solution

The ‘181 patents allows the SJ Girl Scouts to  resell packages of cookies that customers opened before the SJ girl scouts reclaimed their cookies. Nabisco’s FRS effectively and efficiently separates SJ Girl Scout cookies from the opened packaging material. The system was developed in the late 1970’s to allow manufactures to save the contents of a package that malfunction and remake the materials inside them. This allowed them to reduce the high cost of discarding edible products that were left in damaged or otherwise unusable packages.

How They Will Resell What They Sold?

“I have to admit the system is great. It allows us to go to all the people that have taken advantage us for so many years, take back already opened packages, easily remove the cookies, repackage and sell them again,” says Kidme. “I have no idea why we never thought of this business model. This active effort to reclaim our just right to eat…I mean resell our…girl scouts grab back.” All things considered the ‘181 Patent does illustrate a straightforward system that effectively makes their plan feasible.

How Does the FRS Machine Reclaim Cookies?

The system works by first placing the opened package on a conveyor belt. The package moves to another station where the FRS machine separates the cookies from the package. The package is then shredded and vacuumed up for disposal. The only problem with this machine is that it pulverizes the cookies. Pulverizing the cookies helps them fit through a screen. The girl scouts are now considering how to overcome this problem. Presently, they manually gather the cookies for repacking. “It’s kind of a trade secret. We have never practiced it, however, who is really regulating the manufacturing of girl scout cookies?” Kidme eventually revealed that they are more focused on the message than the process of reclaiming the cookies.

The Wrap Up

“We are glad that we were able to come here and show everyone that, yes,  girl scouts grab back.” When asked how they afforded to the trip to D.C. they stated: “we used the money from the cookies we sold online to some kind and generous DC politicians and Capitol Hill donors.” They hope they be able to do reclaim their cookies again in the next four years.


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