Have you ever wanted to have a relationship with your dog like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy? Me too. Unfortunately, we still are a long way from that happening. So, we are just going to have to settle for the next best thing: the Internet Canine Communication System (ICCS). Thanks to the advances of the internet and wireless technology systems, inventors can develop systems to communicate with your dog.

Humans and Canine Remote Communication

The ICCS includes a station or device that is configured to deliver treats to a dog and to transmit audio/visual communication between the dog and a remote client device operated by a human user. A human user can keep the station anywhere next to your dog’s bed, your fridge, or, my favorite, your vacuum cleaner. Before you can effectively use this system, a user must train their dog to respond to the ICCS. This is done the old-fashioned way: bells, whistles and dog treats.

How the ICCS Works

A machine that sounds like you but does not smell or look like you may confuse your dog. In order to overcome that, you would need to train your dog to respond to the ICCS device while you are in the room. Then, condition your dog to respond to a bell to come take a treat. Finally, this training will make you dog believe the ICCS is a new member of your family that happens to sound like you. Who says you can’t teach a dog new tricks?

After the dog knows how and when to respond to the ICCS, then ICCS can begin moving your dog through blocks that facilitate human canine communication. First, the ICCS receives a communication command from a remote device like your Alexa or a TV from 1984 received through its networking interface. The process then delivers a treat to the dog to keep it at the ICCS station. Next, the ICCS allows for remote teleconference communication. Finally, you can end this communication process by simply giving the ICCS and end command.

The Wrap Up

Maintaining a long distance relationship with your dog has never been more easy.


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Written by ipbanker