Explaining that with the likely reemergence of the coal industry, it is matter survival to keep clean skin say experts at the Occupation Safety and Health Administration. “We are on the brink of a health crisis that will likely see people needing to take two, maybe even three, showers a day” says OSHA researcher Chris T. Gigely. “There are simply not enough manufacturing facilities making soap to meet the demand for soap that will give you that intense natural earthy smell, you know?”

Thankfully the inventor of US Patent 6,265,320, Hall Newbegin,  teaches a method for making soap that will help all (I should say some) of us keep clean hands.


The ‘320 Patent teaches a method for making soap with an intense smell that has 16 essential steps including saponification. Saponification–the reaction between an oil and base that produces soap–is the last step of this process. The reason this method so crucial to survival is that it leaves your skin feeling clean and smelling divine after painstakingly washing off the coal dust that protects your skin from the increase in UV rays that attack your skin during the day.

How To Make Floral Soap

The process begins by heating fats or oils to 160 F then adding it to a pulverizer. The following steps include: (1) adding your favorite flora and (2) pulverizing it with the oil to make a fatty acid solution. After straining the solution, if you are satisfied with the scent, add a neutral smelling oil like grape seed oil. Set aside and label it as your fatty acid solution.

After making your fatty acid solution, you can begin pulverizing your favorite floral scent with water. After pulverization, strain the floral water solution. If you are satisfied with the solution color and scent, combine the floral water solution with fatty acid solution. That’s it; you are done.

Well not exactly done, you still have that saponification step but you can handle that, right? Go for it, I believe in you.

The Wrap Up

It’s finally 2017–a new year with uncertain opportunities–and thanks to Inventor Newbegin you can get off to a clean start. Whether you prefer to take a shower or bath, the cleanest among us will wash off at night. More importantly, since some really smart people expect to see a boom in the coal industry within the next four years, now is the best time to invest in soap or better yet make your own and sell it.


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