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In the movie In Time, time is literally money. So, to avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency that people use to pay for luxuries and necessities from a clock implanted in their forearm. Individuals can easily be transfer time via body contact. The rich can live forever and the rest must negotiate for their immortality.


We are still a long way from that reality where “timekeepers”–the time police that keep the system and lifetime of people in check. Even though life expectancy for males and females are increasing, life time continues to be a major concern of people throughout the ages. Insurance companies routinely develop and publish actuarial tables to indicate the average lifespans of certain people in specified groups. Outside of the three great killers–AIDS, cancer, and other humans—smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and a host of genetic determinants can limit life expectancy. Thankfully, Inventor David Kendrick thought of a way to automatically (and morbidly) remind and inform people about their mortality.

How This Watch Tracks Life Time

The life expectancy watch has a microprocessor to monitor the passage of time and display memory of data stored. Users can manually change stored data to approximate the time remaining in the user’s life. This watch was patented and designed in 1991, however, my money is on Apple including this as a feature in their iWatch in the near future.


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