Have you ever left the bathroom smelling like a dumpster or worse walked in and have someone else’s foul odor greet you? Perhaps it’s been so bad that you and your residents needed to evacuate your home. Well thanks to WO 2014/113706 A1 (the ‘706 patent) you now have a barrier that prevents anyone’s nose from receiving that abuse ever again.

The Solution

The ‘706 patent (aka Poo-Pourri) is a composition that prevents foul odors from permeating your bathroom. Patent ‘706 covers a composition of propylene glycol (PPG) as the active surface barrier agent and isopropanol (IPP) as the dispersal agent.  The ‘706 patent is awesome because it prevents offensive odors from keeping other people out of bathroom for hours AND includes perfume in its composition that welcomes others to use your toilet

How it Works?

Your toilet only needs a few drops to create a film that blocks “objectionable” and “embarrassing” odors. The reaction between an alcohol and thiols especially H2S (the rotten egg scent) is highly exothermic, i.e., it releases heat. The heat released from this reaction allows for  a  masking agent (a fragrant oil) in Poo-Pourri to heat up and release a pleasant smell from your toilet throughout the bathroom.

The best part is that you only need a drop of Poo-Pourri because IPP acts as a dispersal agent. A dispersal agent is what allows the Poo-Pourri solution to spread across the top of the water in your toilet. This creates a surface barrier (a film on top of the water) that blocks offensive odors from coming through.

Odors rise from the toilet is because a bulk of the odorants (e.g., indoles and skatoles) are hydrophobic in nature. In other words, the odorants hate being in water so they like to come up and say “Hi!” The barrier stays on top of the water because the composition is also hydrophobic trapping the foul odors between Poo-Pourri and water. Now that’s how you prevent a weapon of gas destruction from potentially ruining your relationship.

Special Attributes

While Poo-Pourri advertises Patent ‘706 as a household item that you use in toilets, you can be use it in other areas as well. You can also use Patent ‘706  as a drain deodorizing agent and even for septic systems. Of course the best thing about it is that you can use and select from a variety of essential oils and perfumes that Poo-Pourri added to the composition. Additionally,  the dispersing agent added to the composition can also serve as an antimicrobial. Finally, the composition from Patent ‘706 can include a variety of colorants. This will make people think an angel just used their toilet.

The Wrap Up

So, if you want to have people thinking you have the bowels of an angel buy Poop-Pourri now. It’s currently selling for only $15.95 for TWO!


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Written by ipbanker