Give a Treat and Canine Speaks

Have you ever wanted to have a relationship with your dog like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy? Me too. Unfortunately, we still are a long way from that happening. So, we are just going to have to settle for the next best thing: the Internet Canine Communication System (ICCS). Thanks to the advances of the internet and… Read more »

Tech Devices Use Discrimination to Identify Users

It seems every device has a touch screen today.  People use touch screen devices for many different purposes. These touch screen devices are intelligent; they can track user’s movements and make intelligent decisions regarding those movements. Hell, if your device took a love language test today it would get physical touch with words of affirmation… Read more »

Clustering Devices in an Internet of Things (‘IoT’)

I used to make pomegranate juice for Emily. Ah, she loved pomegranate juice. It is a great fruit; it is a fun fruit. However, to Emily, it was the fruit of her nightmares. You see, the thing about Emily is that she also had trypophobia–a fear of clusters of holes. She never actually cut open… Read more »

Robot Skips Med School and Becomes Top Surgeon

Inventors Gregory Hager and Nicolas Padoy discovered an artificial way to get robots and their operators to collaborate by changing their mode of interaction. This has to be the greatest collaboration since eggs met bacon. They called their apparatus the Human Machine Collaborative (HMC) system. How  Does the HMC System Work? Robotic systems can perform… Read more »

Virtual Cyborgs and Machine Relationships

When I was in high school I attended a philosophy seminar. In that seminar we spoke about many things and one topic I still remember is about humans slowly becoming cyborgs–part human and part machine. It starts with little things: a pair of glasses, a watch, a bluetooth headset. Then it slowly evolves to other… Read more »

Virtual Universe Teleportation Suggestion Service

Second Life client program, designed and developed by Lindenlab is a 3D software program that allows millions of people to interact, have fun, and transact billions of dollars of business among users in its economy.[1] They are among the pioneers of business in the virtual universe. A virtual universe allows multiple users to interact online… Read more »

Saving Face to Personalize User Interface

Home appliances are becoming increasingly complex as more processor-based controllers are used that permit the offering of more functions to a user to improve the performance and convenience of the home appliance. Most manufactures provide home appliances with a user interface to program and operate the functions. Manufacturers also program the groups of functions and… Read more »

Social Networks Capture Emotions and Share Them

Emotions have a greater influence on the human thinking process than logic. Simply put: one can process information emotionally in a fraction of the time it takes them to process the information logically. Social network’s data collection and Facebook social experiments have revealed that desires, writings and decisions reveal emotional states. The biggest discovery was… Read more »

Head of the Snake: Preventing Contagions on Planes

Are you tired of contracting contagious diseases on a plane? Although, air travel remains the safest and fastest way to travel, passengers may be transmit infectious diseases during travel. It is no wonder why more people choose to travel by air. Unfortunately, with that comes the potential for transmission of diseases between passengers before, during and after… Read more »

Touch Transfer Technology Future of Secret Messaging

Before text messaging and when I was a kid, my classmates and I would write secret messages on paper and pass it around the class until it reached its destination. Teachers got wise and secrets got exposed. Then came the sidekick and text messaging.  Concealing sidekicks and phones while texting required more stealth. However, the… Read more »

  • Developing an Intellectual House

    It’s a lazy Saturday and all I want to do is stay in and out of the blistering heat. However, even if it is Saturday, I still need to train for a marathon and do house work. I wish I could automate some of these things. You know like live in a smart house where… Read more »

  • Interrupting Your Genes

    Several years ago when I was applying to colleges, one of the essays an applicant could write about was what super power the applicant would want. Sounds like a silly, generic essay topic, right? Well, that was the essay topic I chose that got me admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

  • Nice Girl's Snore Too

    Solution to Loud Snoring

    It’s late, readers, and I’m tired. It’s been a long night and quite frankly I can use some sleep. You know the feeling. However, there is something that obstructs my path to a peaceful night’s rest: Snoring.