Sometimes you have to forget the fancy stuff and take it back to the basics of making a sandwich.  If you have no idea how to make a sandwich, no worries. I know sandwich making is a complex task and even the experts know that it’s hard to keep the filling of sandwich from falling off the side. However, that problem is in the past thanks to US Patent 6224928 (the ‘928 Patent) which allows you to make the perfect sub every time.

How the Sandwich is Made

You begin by staking the contents of your sub between two walls and a floor. The walls have slits in them which makes it easy for getting a perfect slice down the middle of your sub. It’s complex stuff, however, having that I-made-the-perfect-sub feeling is worth it.

The Wrap Up

The best thing about this complex apparatus is that it allows you to wrap up your sub at the end. You may get nervous at the end, however, you must believe in yourself. Once you master the making the perfect sub, you will be well on your way to be the next Blimpies (it still exists, right?) or, dare I say, Subway.


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Written by ipbanker