It’s Monday and you have made it through a long summer day. Good for you. You deserve a treat, perhaps a burger. Well, this must be no ordinary burger, because as my reader you are exceptional and a deserve secret burger; you deserve a special burger. However, this is a celebration and you should be able to have you cake and eat your burger too. Ah, the dilemma!

That’s why I bring you the Hamburger Cake. This seems like a treat that was made by someone that was craving a hamburger and could only find household ingredients for baking a cake. Lo and behold it was actually made by a pastry chef at Ella’s Patisserie.

Hamburger Cake

Figure 1. Ella Patisseries Burger Cake

The picture above shows a special version of traditional burger. In this particular embodiment the hamburger sandwich is shown with a top bun which is actually a sponge cake with real sesame seeds and a bottom sponge cake imitating a bun also. Chocolate mouse (the meat patty) is placed on top of “cheese,” which is actually mango mousse. Fresh cream is artistically and lightly spread over the “meat patty.” Finally, slices of strawberry are placed on the cream alternating in in a circular pattern around the bun.

Ella’s Patisserie fruit mousse cakes are said to be amazingly light, airy and fluffy with a strong taste of natural fruits. The aesthetics of this cake make it even more mouthwatering.

So, what makes this cake so special? It is said to be freaking delicious. The combination of chocolate and mango may seem strange and that’s the way we like like it. The Burger Cake is so delectable you have to have more than one.

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