Second Life client program, designed and developed by Lindenlab is a 3D software program that allows millions of people to interact, have fun, and transact billions of dollars of business among users in its economy.[1] They are among the pioneers of business in the virtual universe.

A virtual universe allows multiple users to interact online via avatars. As virtual reality becomes more ubiquitous, the number of business and social experiences are becoming more important and necessary. As needs grow and services increase people will need to know where and how to find what the services and communities they want to join. This creates a need for effective techniques that allow avatars to navigate the virtual universe and discover the best this new digital world has to offer. U.S. Patent 8671349

How To Teleport A Virtual Universe

The ‘349 patent protects an innovation specifically designed to ensure that a user of a virtual universe finds the most interesting experiences available to them in massive online virtual universes. This invention incorporates the use of a suggestion generation service determining teleportation suggestions from analysis of a user’s inventory, teleportation history or social networks.


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