Consumer Services 

Our technical experts transform and design goods, products and leverage digital networks. We are constantly expanding our diverse services to address consumer need in an efficient and effective manned. Our focus is on helping add more value to your business and incorpating strategies and approches that solidify the foundation of your enterprise. 

Intellectual Property Services 

Will you need intellectual property ("IP") protection (i.e. utility patent or design patent)?  If so,we will give you some guidance on whether you need a utility patent or design patent.  As with anything online, this is not legal advice, however, you can contact us directly to speak with a competent patent practitioner.

Importing and Exporting

NakiaJah Enterprises is an active participant in the international community. As such we import and export a variety of fabrics, machines, fragrant oils, agricultural products, and other products for human needs and houseware.